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Published 22/01/2018

Because Roomba made the idea of robot vacuums popular I thought it only fitting that a comparison be done between the models. If you are like me, you find a brand and just don’t want to discuss anything else.

Roomba is especially interesting as they own the patent for the technology used which cover the virtual wall which stops the machine from going into areas you don’t want it to and scooba function which adds detergents and mops the floor. They have previously filed successful injunctions against competitors and are continuing to do so.

Currently there are 6 Roomba’s in the range and 3 of them include an app and two of them are mopping units. Previous models are still widely available, but the most current will be included here. They can also generally be picked up much cheaper on Amazon.

They are priced between $300 to $1500 and the mopping units between $200 and $300.

iRobot Braava jet vs iRobot Braava 380t

The only difference between the two robots is the amount of space they can clean but there is a major difference of roughly 750 ft. The Braava jet comes with an app. On customer reviews have the Braava 380t as the more popular machine but they both hold a 4 star rating. Only one quarter of those complained that floors weren’t clean and said the cheaper model was actually the better robot.

Roomba 650— $375 vs Roomba 690— $375


  • They can both be set up in under 15 minutes
  • Both are similar in design, however the 650 is a bit cuter and a smidge larger. It’s all black compared to the 690’s silver and black outfit.


When it comes to features, 650 is old-school as the newer version has the new iAdapt navigation and the difference is that it won’t get tangles in anything and will pass by soft objects. You can leave all your stuff on the floor and it will happily go around. The 650 also has wifi, can be paired with smart assistant and can be controlled with an app.

Roomba 890— $1099 vs Roomba 980— $1499